Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Photo Number 211

It is that time of year for Graduation!  I believe this is a photo from the 1950's or early 1960's.  The only reason I say that is because one of the gals on the left has one of those collapsible Polaroid Land Cameras.  I wore the same kind of blue/gray gown with the hat with the point in the front when I graduated from High School in 1969.  The heavy old gowns were kept in the old Civil Defense Shelter in the basement of the High School..they smelled of mothballs. We had to be fitted for our gowns and then take them home to press them.

Seventeen kids..I wonder if this is the entire class or just a small group of friends.

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  1. Many of the homes around here had large tents set up in the yard over the weekend for graduation parties. I was thinking how odd the banner looked that said "Graduation 2010!" 1975 seems like a long time ago to me now!

  2. 1950s I would say at a guess. But why the predominance of women in the group? One might expect either just one sex or a fair mixture.

  3. We had to buy our graduation gowns by 1987 when I was going through and they were horrible cheap things. Since I have graduated three times and all three had different style gowns, I have wasted so much money on these horrible things! A person on my historical clothing newsgroup is going to make her own for her graduation with a masters in textiles, and I can't really blame her!


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