Friday, June 18, 2010

Photo Number 226

This photo was taken by Lawerence A. Moran in Duluth, Minnesota on November 08, 1954.  The date is written on the photo folder but there are no names.  A beautiful smiling couple...finally someone that looks happy!
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  1. Yes, they look very happy! He kinda looks like Michael Buble'!!!

  2. My next door neighbor used to look like that! He had the same "poofy" hair - I think it might have been a carrying over from his days in the Navy (south Pacific, WWII). He was a good, kind, up-right guy... He's much missed.

  3. Found a site (saw author interviewed on tv)

    Thought you might be interested. Love your blogs!

  4. Thanks marlu! I have her site at the Family Tree Magazine as a favorite off to the left..she is an amazing detective:)

  5. I did a little research on the site that lists Minnesota marriage licenses. There were 21 couples either married or planned to be married on 11-8-1954. Of those, none were licensed in St. Louis county (but could have been married there). There were two in Carlton County, which borders St. Louis County, and one in Pine County, which is south of Carlton County. None of the others were nearby that area at all. The other possibility is a couple that married over the border in Superior Wisconsin. I have names for the 3 MN couples and will try to do a little searching through the weekend.


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