Thursday, June 10, 2010

Photo Number 218

I am enjoying these summertime everyday photographs, how about you?  Today's photo is of two gentlemen at some kind of outdoor food stand or perhaps a town picnic.  One seems to be eating a doughnut and the other has a bun of some sort and perhaps a cup of coffee. One had his sleeves rolled up..and one does not.  This looks to me like a photo from the 1930's.  As usual if you have anything to add, please leave me a comment!
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  1. It is the nature of the "food stand" that intrigues me. It seems to be made up of a number of different types of wood and also a somewhat unusual shape. Sorry, no answers, only questions.

  2. It's a little unusual to me to see a pic of someone eating from this era. I don't see many candid shots. They are both handsome men.

  3. I would think they were servers - perhaps waiters or bartenders on break. The fedora hat in behind the one doesn't narrow down the time frame much - to me, since I was born long after the "all men wore hats" era.

  4. The one on the left looks like my grandfather, though Horace didn't wear a bow tie. My great grandfather always wore a bow tie instead of a regular tie. Bow ties were very popular so I don't think they are waiters. I think they are enjoying maybe a wedding, picnic, fair, family gathering...

  5. I am glad that they don't require us to wear white shirts and bow ties anymore. I know they would even wear that to the beach. It doesn't look like a state fair but maybe a town celebration like our Murray Jamboree. A tradition for over 100 years.


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