Sunday, June 20, 2010

Photo Number 228

These may be engagement photos. But I am going to include them in wedding week anyway.  These are huge photographs,  they are about 12 inches by 18 inches.  Harris and Ewing were the first News Service and Portrait Studio in Washington, DC.  Martha Ewing was involved from 1905 to 1915, and George Harris from 1905 to 1955.  They were the largest Photo Studio in Washington.  The Harris Medal which is the highest award in the Professional Photographers Society was named after George Harris.

This young lady must have been celebrating something with all the orchids.( Corrected to Gardenias..Thanks Patsy! ) She seems to be showing off her ring.   This is probably a photo from the 1930's or maybe the 1940's.
I guess he is not important enough for a boutineer...but he is smiling.  Somehow these large photographs made it from Washington DC to an Antique Shop in Park Rapids Minnesota, where they were thrown in a box from which I rescued them.  Perhaps she was a Minnesota gal, that struck it rich in Washington DC..and wanted to show off her flowers and her extra large photographs.

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  1. Our hometown newspaper used to publish engagement photos similar to these. The girl would always pose to show off her ring. Those photos stopped about 20 years ago - I suppose because no one gets married anymore.

  2. Handsome couple but she really has her mouth "set" tight!!!! Maybe she got mad at the last minute and TOOK his boutineer!!!

  3. I think she has on Gardenias. Those hair styles look like they forgot to comb out there pin curls.

  4. She would look a lot prettier if she smiled! So unhappy looking.

  5. This reminds me of a photo at an antique store that I really want but won't pay the $10 asking price. Bride with bridesmaids. Bridesmaid all smiling. Bride...looks like she's having second thoughts at the last minute.

    Let's hope this lady had more pleasant moments in her life when she let herself go. She looks so bored. Has to be bored because I recognize that look and I know Ambien hadn't yet been invented.

  6. @Tattered, yes, but many other pharmaceuticals had been, including heroin, opium, morphine and laudanum. Perhaps she was feeling *just fine* in her mind. :-)

  7. Looking at the first photo I realize the word I needed for her. She looks perturbed. I don't get to use that word often.

  8. Thanks were most definitely correct they are Gardenias! :)


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