Sunday, February 28, 2010

Photo Number 119

This is Anne, this photo is from the 1930's.  Stadin Studio in Cambridge, Minnesota was only in business through the 1930's. Silouhettes must have been all the rage back then.  I think her hair must have been all done up in pincurls to get this hairdo.
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  1. That looks like a pincurl hairdo for sure. My mom tortured me with those when I was little. She grew up in that era and I guess she thought I should wear my hair that way too. I hated those curly curls!

  2. I LOVE old photos.....Ihave a box full of old family pics. I have albumed all I can identify. I think I should send you the rest to see if you can find out who they were.
    What a great deed you are doing!
    Love, Lo

  3. Afternoon Connie, Anne is a pretty lady; I love her dimple! My mom's hairdo in the 40's was done with pincurls and looked just like this!

  4. It is almost a movie star pose. Nice pictures.


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