Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Photo Number 110

Well we are back to my stash of photos from the antique shops.   This is a Cartes- de- visite or CdV.  I knew it was foreign.  I thought the gal looked Finnish.  If she isn't then she had her photo taken in Lappeenranta, Finland a city in South East Finland and not far from the Russian border.  I would say she is more than likely of Finnish decent.  I am half Finn ( The other part is German/Norwegian)..my husband sometimes says "You are Finnished all right."

Anyway, this gal is lovely..she makes me wonder..did she come to America..or was it just her photograph that arrived?   I searched for Oscaria Saren Williamstrand Photographers and came up empty handed.   It has a very ornate back. Since it is a foreign photo, I will guess that it is from about 1900, perhaps a little earlier.

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  1. I'm curious, why did you think she was Finnish? As to the picture, she is a lovely young lady. It looks like she's wearing a vest or jumper over a blouse, small puffed sleeves and pin tucks in the front of the blouse. The line just under the scoop of the vest/jumper might be the line of her corset. Looking closely at this, I think this is a younger woman or teenaged girl.

  2. She is very pretty and certainly has beautiful blonde hair and light eyes like a Finn.

  3. She is strikingly pretty - such beautiful features.

  4. Norkio, She looks like half of my relatives..LOL..I think it was the eyes and the little nose ..and the clothing. My first guess was Finn..my second would have been Swedish:)


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