Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Photo Number 105

This looks like a kind grandmotherly lady.  I love her dark heavily pleated blouse,   her hair is done just beautifully for this photo.  There is no identification on this South Dakota/ Illinois photo, and there isn't a photographers mark on it either.  So it remains a mystery. I will guess that this photo was taken  about 1900.

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  1. I can only imagine the life experiences her sad eyes could tell. Her life may be a mystery, but she was definitely someone's beloved mother and grandmother.

  2. She looks like someone who has endured a lot of hardship. All those pleats on her blouse - bet those were a lot of work to iron in the days before wash and wear. It is a nice photo. Too bad there is no hint of information with it.

  3. My mother has a pin similar to the one she is wearing at her throat. My mom's has pearls on it, sort of in a horseshoe shape. Nancy is right, her eyes are sad and have seen so much. Just guessing at an age, say 65 in 1900, she would have seen the Westward Expansion, Gold Rush, Civil War, Spanish American War, Custer's Last Stand, Queen Victoria's reign, introduction of anesthetic during child birth, the bustle coming into and going out of fashion, the assassination of one and the death of three US Presidents...

  4. One could only guess about anything. She does have a lot of history behind her.


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