Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Photo Number 111

This is Mae, apparently she was cranky.  It looks like there are mountains in the background.  It is a pretty little church..I wonder where it is located?   Mae is all dressed in her Sunday best,  it is a wonder she didn't kill herself walking around in those shoes.  This is what is written on the back of this photo. As for a about 1940?
To My Sweetie Pie  From Mae the crab.  Am I a crab Janice.
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  1. What a pretty setting for that little church! That is so funny what is written on the back. Maybe Mae ventured out in the snow in her Sunday best and church was cancelled!!!!!!!!!

  2. This church building reminds me of my Grandmother's Luthern church in Montana (no mountains). Don't you just love the hat with the netting and how dressed up she is just to attend this little church.......

  3. LOL at least she had a sense of humor about it!

  4. I wonder where everybody else was. There sure isn't much activity or other churchgoers around. It must have been some very special occasion for her to be dressed up that nicely. I bet that would be beautiful scenery in the background in the summer.

  5. I laugh thinking about her words showing up years later on a public forum--I never think about such possibilities when I write personal notes, but I suppose anything is possible! ;-)


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