Monday, February 15, 2010

Photo Number 109

Well with this photo we come to the end of our South Dakota/Illinois photo adventure.  All of these photos have sparked some interest, and it has been very interesting to me.  This is the last photo in the bunch, it is quite I fixed it up a bit, there is no name on this photo only Brown Studio in Sterling, ILL. Once again I would like to thank Jinglebob for sending me these photos of his grandmothers, it has been a pleasure to feature them!

Thank you for stopping by, do come again:)
Correction*** there is a name on this photo. P. Schaff or Schoff  it is so light I must have just missed it. 


  1. Thanks to you both for this journey with the old photos.

  2. Thanks for posting all these. It's been fun to see what all the comments are. If you are ever in need of more old ones, I could probably make you copies of some I have on hand.

  3. This has been so interesting to come along on this journey. I have enjoyed the research and finding connections. I hope you will still get some answers on some of the photos. I need to go back & revisit some, as I haven't had the time to research on all. Thanks Connie for this project, and thanks Jinglebob for all the photos. ~Abra

  4. I'm a little sad the South Dakota/Illinois journey is coming to an end. It has been tons of fun to research and/or read what Abra found about these people!


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