Friday, February 26, 2010

Photo Number 118

Look at these little boys!  I say boys..because a a general rule boys hair was parted on the side.   This is a real photo postcard, it is an Azo with Triangles in the that means it is from 1904 to 1918.

I did a little research... curiosity..I ran across the word "breeched". In the late 1800's It seems that both girl and boy babies were kept in dresses.  They also wore white frilled lace pantalettes under their frocks that covered their legs to their ankles.  Between 3 and 6 years of age, the boys were breeched and put in tunics or smocks. In the late 1800's Little Lord Fauntleroy suits, Buster Brown suits, kilts and Sailor Suits were worn by little boys.   1900 to 1920 rompers were popular for little boys along with sailor suits.  Little boys also wore  knickers and at about age nine or ten they got long pants...which was viewed as a  rite of passage.

In this photo we have a sailer suit and knickers, typical little boys clothing worn 1904 to 1918.
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  1. Beautiful children and exquisite clothing. I am learning so much from you and your photo helpers.

  2. They are cute little boys. I have a number of old photos like this with boys in those type of suits. I hang on to the photos despite not knowing who they are - I presume they are relatives of mine. LOL - Maybe I need to have your research team solve my photo mysteries.

  3. These little guys are so cute. Isn't it fun to learn a little history through your photos? I seem to learn something new with every photo. ~Abra

  4. Great shot of those little ones. I have heard the term "breeched" before, and I was wondering what age they did that at.

    Someone put a lot of work into dressing those little ones.


  5. Breeching comes from the old term for men's pants, called breeches. They were popular in the 18th and 19th century until about the 1830s I believe, and the fashion turned to trousers as we know them today. When a little boy finished his potty training and didn't need to have a diaper changed, he was breeched. It also gave us the slang word "britches" for pants. :-)


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