Sunday, February 21, 2010

Photo Number 115

This photo has my curiosity, who in the world do you suppose is in this coffin?   It is a fairly large photo, 5x7 and the matting board is about 8x10.  So it wasn't  just a  passing thing.. ha!
  This is the mark on the back, a stamp?   I could not find out anything about a photographer by this name.  The only hit I had was concerning a Free Soil political party.. do you suppose that this photo is foreign ..since the Photograph is spelled with an e at the end?  Do you suppose someone important died and this was sent to family members in America?   What a sad way to get news of a relatives death, but he or she did have some fairly nice flowers.

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Update from Iggy:  
The photographer:
There is a Charles C. Stuck living in Freesoil, Mason county, Michigan.


  1. Yikes, that is morbid, isn't it? I know it was the custom "back in the day" to take pictures of even dead bodies in caskets for "one last rememberance"...but I find it gruesome!

  2. That is very curious. Hope you are having a nice afternoon.

  3. I had a picture of my Grandfather in a casket, side view, I was looking for it, that I never did find in the house of my mom's. Maybe it is best that I didn't.
    That maybe is where the dried flowers in my mom's graduation photo came from. There were flowers everywhere from what I remembered from the photo.

  4. I have read it was quite common to photograph funerals for exactly the reason you suggest. Embalming was not what it is today, plus sometimes only a few close relatives could attend if they lived near by. In the time of great emigration to America it makes sense a photo of a patriarch's funeral would help family abroad get a sense of the occasion. State funerals were also photographed much like we document them now. Stalin's funeral was attended by thousands but it's not likely they really saw anything.

  5. There is a Charles C. Stuck living in Freesoil, Mason county, Michigan.


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