Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Photo Number 217

What cute puppy, a Cocker Spaniel!  I am not sure that this lady likes dogs, her body language seems to suggest she doesn't but her smile gives her away..perhaps she didn't want the puppy anywhere near her stockings.  Her shoes are open toed, and I cannot figure out if the "spots" on the shoes are tiny holes, or some kind of design?  I think this photo may be from the late 1940's.
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  1. I have similar photos of mama from the 1940's. She also had a pair of shoes with an open weave type pattern like that. That puppy is so cute!

  2. open weave is not what I meant - maybe "cut-outs" is a better description!!!

  3. Back in my high heel days, if I'd seen those shoes in a store I'd have bought them in a heartbeat! I love them! Sigh, these days I am in flats. Wonder why? :-)

  4. Yes, she doesn't look like she will touch that dog. Fancy dress and shoes.


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