Friday, February 19, 2010

Photos Number 113

I got these from an antique shop, I felt that they were a couple and should be presented that way.  Josephine and Stephen.  Someones Great Grandmother and Great now they are probably great greats. These are both cabinet cards.

EJ Christman was in business in Waterville, Minn which is in Le Sueur County during the years 1886, 1892 and 1900.

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  1. Poor old fella. Looks like he must of had a very hard life.

  2. What a treasure these two old photos are. My great grandpa had a very similar (straggly) beard.

  3. Ha, I was going to post a picture today of who I thought was my mom's dad, my grandpa, then I was looking at the business name like you do. I looked closely, and darn it was my dad's dad. They do look alike. It was unusual for such old people to have their pictures taken. Family may have pushed the issue.


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