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Photo Number 1534

This is a Cabinet Card from Craig’s Collection.
Oscar Brun CP
Aune is the photographer Trondhjem Norway and 169 Seventh Street  Portland OR.
Oscar Brun back CP
Oscar Brun   Jan 1892

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Update from LarsI :
Oscar was born in Bergen Norway in 1857, he died in Portland Oregon in 1920.  He worked for the railroad.  In 1892 he married Christina Bodum (1867 to 1912).

Oscars parents were Johannes and Lydia, his brothers were Fredrik,Sven, Johan,Lauritz and a sister Emma Margaretha.

I wonder if he married Christina in Jan of 1892, then this is a wedding photo. 


  1. Oscar Brun was born i Bergen, Norway, 1857, and later moved to Oregon: (where the same photo can be seen).

    More about the photographer can be found here:

    "Peder O. Aune ( born 13 February 1862 in Ree in Stjørdalen , died 11 November 1931 ) was a Norwegian photographer .16 years old began Aune apprenticed to the Polish photographer Carl Viktor Emanuel Huczowski who had fled the country and lived with Aune's family. After a short stay in Sweden opened his camera shop with studio in Trondheim with her ​​sister Karoline . The following year he left this family and traveled to the United States where he remained until 1895. During their stay in the United States , he ran a business in photography in Portland, Oregon. The studio was taken over by his brother Struck Aune then returned to Trondheim. Aune soon became one of the most prominent photographers in town and excelled in several exhibitions both domestically and abroad. He was also commissioned to photograph everything in connection with the coronation of King Haakon VII and Queen Maud in 1906 , it is Aune who have taken the official coronation portraits .After Aune's death in 1931 the widow ran the company for about a year until it ceased. She donated around 20,000 records and movies to the Royal Norwegian Society of Sciences library , but most of the collection plate was thrown into the sea ."

    (Google translate)

  2. So much history that made us. Thanks!

  3. If someone with an ancestry account could contact the tree keeper I am happy to send them the photo:)


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