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Photo Number 1544

This is a CdV from Craig’s Collection.
L Long CP

L Long back CP
H.H. Miller was the photographer in Walton, N.Y.
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Info from Iggy;
Lincoln Long  1861 to 1927.  He married Philinda May Long (1861 -1955) They had two daughters  Ethel May Long Sanford 1887 - 1958 and Marion N. Long Elliott  1891 - 1978.
Lincoln was a teacher, a minister and a republican assemblyman.

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  1. Walton is a town in Delaware County, New York, United States. The town claims to be the "Scarecrow capital of the World" and it is basically in the middle of nowhere.

    I think this is "him":

    There is quite a write up about him - and he is another Methodist minister.


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