Thursday, April 24, 2014

Full Circle 85

This was a Full Circle helped along by Jacqi, she found the information and an address for a relative.  I sent a copy of the blog to Richard in California.  One evening the telephone rang and we had a great conversation…he lives in California part of the year and New Zealand the other part of the year.  He is the family historian.

R Belle Webb Craigs Photos Number 1493

Photo Number 1493

I mailed the photo to Richard.  He wrote back.

Dear Connie,

Thanks very much for the photo of my paternal grandmother Rose Belle Webb Doust.  I never knew her, but those who did said she was very sweet.

I think you can put the check to good use, and will share with Jacqi. 

All the best, Dick

I sent off a check to Jacqi and a copy of his letter. 

Thanks for stopping by.  Do come again.


  1. I liked to read what Jacqui had found and now this 'happy ending'! Super!

  2. Yay!!! I didn't even see this photo when it was originally posted! I think that might of been the day I took my Dad to the hospital.

    Go Jacqi!!!!!

  3. Wonderful!!! She had such a sweet face. So happy about this full circle.

  4. I thought this might interest some of your more regular readers. An artist drew portraits of World War II soldiers and now WQED Pittsburgh is trying to locate the soldiers or their descendants. It seems like a project slightly related to your own.

  5. So glad this sweet photograph found its way home! So surprised to receive your note! And New Zealand? Who would have thought!


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