Sunday, April 6, 2014

Photo Number 1536

These are  CdVs from Craig’s Collection.

William Glover  CP

William Glover

Charles  Glover  CP

Charles Glover

Glover boys back of photo  CP

This is the back of the CdVs.  Leicester is in England.  The CdVs have been trimmed down to fit a frame.  They look enough alike to be brothers.  They are wearing almost new looking suits.  I will guess that theses photos were taken in the 1870’s.

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  1. I will be interested in seeing if anyone can turn up information on these two Glover boys. My family is also from Leicester and from the same time period.

    The Glover family is a large one - and William is a common name within it.

    William Glover (c. 1836 in Wymeswold, Leicestershire) was a lace maker. There is a William Glover (c. 1849 South Croxton, Leicestershire, England) from the Civil Parish, Leicester, St Mary married to Lucy Glover who was a Shoe Finisher. This William "excites" me for two reasons - my 4-great-grandparents were married in this Church and their parents were in the foundry business that cast the bells for this church way back in time. My 4-great-grandfather made shoes when he first arrived in this county. He and both of these Williams were contemporaries. My 4th-greatgrandfather's wife's family were "frame makers" - they built the "looms" on which lace was made... There may be a connection for me to these Glovers. :)

    1. Interesting for sure! We will wait and see. I looked through lots of possibilities at Find A Grave here and is a common name:)


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