Saturday, March 17, 2012

Photo Number 822

This is a photo from the Antique Mall in Detroit Lakes Minnesota.
Mary McIntosh (James)  DL Antiques
The photographer is Hover of Flandreau  S.D. he was there from 1884 to 1914.  It looks like she may have two bows in her hair one near the top and one at the back of her head. Her blouse is simply trimmed in what I envision as black velvet. I will guess that this photo is from 1910 or thereabouts.
Mary McIntosh (James)  DL Antiques back
This name is found on the back of the photograph.  Mary McIntosh ( James)
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  1. Her hair looks like the texture of mine - kind of with a mind of its own! Love the 2 bows and Yes, I imagine her blouse trimmed in black also.

  2. It is a very clear photo almost as if is today with someone dressed for in the past. The photographer must have been a good one. I love to see the styles, hair and dress of "back in the old days" as I like to say. Pretty little locket too.

  3. What a wonderful shot. Everything, including the frame border are so nicely balanced and repetitive.

  4. Well, try as I might, I've no luck with identifying this person. I assumed McIntosh or James was her married name, maiden name and/or husband's name to no avail.

    There was a large James family in Moody County, SD. Perhaps she was a spunky maid for a short while?

    1. Good try! We can always hope that someday someone will come by and claim her:)


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