Monday, March 19, 2012

Full Circle 49

Kust Ojala went home to Wisconsin to a cousin.  His cousin Trica shared this information about Kust.

He was born in Finland in 1880 and his family came to the states within the next 2 years. The only other thing I know about him from family stories is that he was a big man and went to 'Dakota' to harvest. He went to a saloon one night and drank himself sick. He never recovered, and he died at 33 years old. I don't think he ever married, but I am still sorting out the family tree. Who knows what I'll find! :)
Thank you so much Connie!

Kust Ojala perham

Photo Number 765

Trica wrote that she got the photo in the mail.

Thank you so much for the picture! We really don't know much more about him, other than the little I shared. I believe he had 9 siblings. Half were born in Finland, the others in MI, MN, and SD. The laptop that has all my notes broke down recently, but when I get that up and running again I will tell you what else I know. Oh - I do know that he is not the Gust that married Elsa. He would have been 10. He has an uncle and a cousin or two that are named Gus also. If I figure out who married her, I will let you know that also!

It is always good to have a photo go home.   Thanks for stopping by, do come again:)


  1. Interesting info. Sad about his early death.

  2. Very sad. He died so young and he looked like he was so strong. So if this photo dates to 1906, he was 26 years old the time and in the prime of life.

    I'm glad his family is welcoming him home.

  3. How sad to hear that story, but still glad to know there's been another Full Circle. So heartwarming to see what you do here! And love your header for the blog today--all my favorite pics! You know I especially love those two on the left...

  4. This is just the neatest thing, ever. And you've done this 49 times!? I know, I'm a real newcomer here, but to return this photo to a family member is just amazing to me. I have an aviation collection of my grandfather's, and he noted many of the flyer's names in his photos. I'm going to think about how to get copies to family members, after seeing this. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Hi Kurt, I noticed that you have lots of names on your old photos. If a relative of mine were in one of them I would certainly appreciate a copy.
      Yes 49 times..I wish it were more but at least the names are out there and if people do a search they may just find a relatives photo:)


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