Friday, March 23, 2012

Photo Number 827

This is a photo from the antique shop in Park Rapids Minnesota.

Gals showing off their shoes  PR Antiques.

Are they showing off their shoes? Or just being funny?  At first I thought the gal on the left had a hat on…  she doesn’t .

Gals showing off their shoes  PR Antiques

Women sometimes saved their hair and made their own hair rats and used them to supplement their hair style.  Their hair was tucked and rolled around the rats and then pinned into place. I think this photo is most likely from around 1910.

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  1. What a joyful photo! They look very happy. The neighbor lady from my childhood home used to speak of hair rats.

  2. How funny! I think they're having a bit of a jig. I had to Google for "hair rat"! Jo

  3. I think the vanity sets not only included a comb, brush, and hand mirror, but also a round receptacle with a hole in the lid. It was used for saving hair from the brushes to make these hair rats. Do you have any of those in the museum?

    1. Hi Nancy , Yes there is one at the Museum along with some funny looking hair forms that are metal..I wish I had a photo of them:)

  4. I've a photo of my grandfather's sisters in a similar pose. I've always called it the inept radio city rockettes pose! Maybe they were doing a chorus line and got so giggly they lost their balance? :)


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