Thursday, March 8, 2012

Photo Number 814

This is a photo from the Tin Ceiling in Park Rapids Minnesota.

Young boy Tin Ceiling PR

Elmer and Fred Nordin or the Nordin Brothers were the photographers.  They were in business from 1914 to 1920 in Minneapolis Minnesota.

This photograph is not marked.  I was hoping to find out more about this lads shoes…two toned lace ups.  I will guess that the lighter color leather is what was known as kid leather or kid skin..soft pliable leather from a lamb or goat kid.

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  1. He's a cute lil' guy - his smile makes this photo "worth the price of admission."


  2. He sure looks like a happy child.

  3. What a nice photo...reminds me of my older cousin when he was little but he was not born in that era...much later. I love those shoes though! I'd take a pair of those to wear today except for all that lacing. Maybe you could have the "look" but velcro underneath! I'd never get out of the house if I had to lace all those with my RA! LOL! They remind me a lot of my Ariats which were my riding boots (horses)...that's probably why I like them.

  4. From the looks of the wrinkles in the lighter color leather, this boy may have been wearing a typical pair of oxfords with gators over the top. I could be wrong, but that seems more likely to me than a pair of elaborate boots.


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