Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Photo Number 830

This week we will look at a few places.  I purchased this photo from the first antique shop in Dorset Minnesota, the weather was so warm this spring he opened for business a little early.

Well let’s have a little fun today!  How about a guessing game?

Where was this photo taken?

Guess where

You even have the name of the place and the year.  Mike’s Place July 14, 1931

Let the guessing begin.

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Here is the back of the photo.

Glacier one Dorset1 back


  1. I clicked to enlarge....are they dressed up for Halloween? No idea where they are.

  2. Looks like a coed summer camp to me!

  3. Because of the scythe, I'm thinking a big barn was emptied for the party.

  4. Glacier Park, Montana had a wild West dance hall at Mike’s Place, celebrities frequenting the community, bronco busters on nearby dude ranches, bowlegged guides, and 'real' Indians. From what I've read, it burned down in 1931.

    1. It took you two hours to come up with the correct answer..You must have went out for breakfast this morning:)

    2. Wow, I can't believe the place was even identified. That is fast work.

  5. When in '31 did it burn down? This could have been one of its last hurrahs.

  6. Aw, spoiled it for me, Iggy. And here I was, guessing they were all gathered together to celebrate Bastille Day ;)


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