Saturday, March 3, 2012

Photo Number 809

This is a snapshot from an Antique Shop in Winnipeg Manitoba.

1947 Ford Pickup  Smith general Contractor Winnipeg Antiques

I think this may be a 1947 Ford Pickup.  On the door it says:

I.W. Smith

General Contractor

Lumber  Coal

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  1. Mr. Maple would love a truck like this for picking up folks' junk on the side of the road!!!!!

  2. I looked for I. W. and couldn't find anything. Looks like an enterprising chap.

  3. Now, you're getting into my era. I saw a picture of myself in a sled when I was a toddler and I couldn't believe the old they were! LOL! They looked like something out of one the old silent films and then it dawned on me....I'm OLD!!!! It was a shock...let me tell you! But I think I'm adjusting nicely now.


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