Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Photo Number 694

We continue with the military photos.  These are all marked with the same green pen, the same one that marked the soldiers at Leyte photo.
Shorty and Miss Nuss Shorty and Miss Nuss Nurses Green Bay Wisc
Nurses Green Bay Wisconsin
Miss Nuss ML Photos
Miss Nuss
Miss Nuss second LT nurse Green Bay Wisc ML Photos
This one is marked.  Miss Nuss ( second Lt. Nurse) Green Bay Wisconsin.
When I was in touch with Don from the 96th Division his best guess was that these photos were taken someplace in the Philippines. The photos were developed Sept 05, 1945.  The war was over by then.
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These photos went Full Circle 131 on November 12 2015.


  1. Look at these brave, adventurous women. They were doing something not many women did of that generation. I'm sure they have some great stories to tell.

  2. I love old pics, especially the black and white ones.

  3. This photo and others were mailed today, October 15 2015 to Allen in Minneapolis MN a relative of Eugene Lilienthal


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