Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Photo Number 687

This is a photo from The Antique Shop with Ice Cream in Motley Minnesota.

JL Clark Photog Blyth  Motley Ice Cream Shop Nottinghamshire England maybe

It is a gentleman with one of those 8 panel hats that were usually tweed or wool.  They were often called Newsboy caps or Driving caps.

The Photographer is JL Clark   Central Hall ???  Blyth which may be in Nottinghamshire England.

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  1. I think it reads JL Clark, Central Hall Bldg(?and than maybe a number?) Blyth.

    Blyth is "over the pond" in Northumberland - on the English Channel near Newcastle on Tyne. From what I can gather, Central Hall was a place they performed music originally - an auditorium.

    The cap looks like one golfers used to wear (and there is a course in Blyth).

    This site has some cool old pictures of Blyth. I didn't see a Central Hall, however.

  2. I'm drawn to his tie. That's one big knot.

  3. I could have sworn that said "Central Hall Blog" LOL. Nice photograph.

  4. He is quite dapper!

  5. Wow, the "framing" of the photo..looks so detailed and quite deeply embossed. I see what you mean about the big knot in his tie.


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