Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Full Circle 33

This was a photo I featured on August 30, 2010.   It is Photo Number 298.
Lots of women copy (2)
Iggy had lots of names to work with.
Lot of womens names (2)
He located a nephew of one of the ladies.
Update From Iggy:
He found that Miss Grace Barney was a teacher at The University of Wisconsin Superior, she lived within blocks of the school.  He also found out that many of these ladies in this photo were living in Douglas County and born  1917-1920.  Were they all going to be teachers?  Possibly.

I have contacted The U of Wisconsin  Superior..their alumni association to see if they can confirm that it is a group of gals from their school..and if so I will return the photo to them.  We will see what happens :) 

Update from Iggy January 05, 2011
Located a nephew of Lorraine Krooks..she is in the middle row..third from the right...she is 91 years old and her nephew will share the photo with her.

The photo was mailed January 06 2011.
Iggy received this email on October 08, 2011
My aunt was delighted with the picture, though she was unable to offer any insight into its provenance, speech having only recently forsaken her.
Thank you kindly for going to the trouble of mailing it to me.
Best Regards,
Not the reply we had hoped for.
I also mailed a copy of this photo to Thomas Bergh who is the Director of Alumni Relations at the University of Wisconsin Superior. He was able to verify that Miss Barney was an instructor there. He was very happy to get a copy of the photo.
Thanks for stopping by, do come again:)

Update from Judith:
I just discovered the photo as I was searching for "missing" members
of the Lambda Sigma Lambda Sorority at UW-Superior. As I posted, we
know that most of the women pictured were in the sorority and Grace
Barney was the advisor for many years.

We have photos and membership information for most years from
1914-1970 but there are some gaps in our records. Unfortunately, the
historian materials have been lost so we have had to get information
as we could. This photo is amazing! There are some women listed we
were not aware of. Contacting Tom Bergh was thoughtful. Some of our
members work closely with him. I seem to be the researcher and
record keeper.

I did make a copy of the front and back of the photo and will add it
to our album. If you wish to send the original, I would be happy to
receive it.

I explained to Judith that I mailed the original to David to give to his Aunt Lorraine.

Update from Judith:

Thank you. I went back through our photos and determined, by process of elimination, it must have been the picture from 1938 (We have 1934, 1935, 1936, and 1937. Since I have the copy
and identification I have placed that in the album.

Lorraine Krooks sent a letter about her life several years ago. She passed away in June of 2012. Interesting lady.

I noticed on the picture and on the blog that "Mona" was mentioned. Her name was Ramona Pelto.

As a retired high school librarian, I LOVE doing the research and compiling of information. Amazing what you can find and it is so much easier with the internet!

Thank you for what you do, too. A worthy project! Judi 


  1. Very interesting info. Hard work and patience finally paid off.

  2. Yes, I was a little dissapointed - there were a lot of names to work with - but most of them married (and changed their names) and moved somewhere - and there wasn't any census data to help (I look forward to the US census data of 1940 being release in 2012).

    I think I looked "high and low" for 20 some of these young women before finding Lorraine.

    Oh well. It's home again - and with the improved Internet search abilities, maybe some grandchildren of these women will find their grandma(s).


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