Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Photo Number 686

This is a photo from the antique shop in Detroit Lakes Minnesota.

Trouble makers in Hats DL Antiques

A fine looking group of young men with Fedoras..and look at those scarfs..they must have driven into town for their photos. Somewhere I have a vision stored in my brain..of men in fedoras with scarves covering their mouths driving cars..perhaps it was in a movie.

A fedora was a felt hat that was part of a middle class men’s wardrobe in the 1920’s.  The fedora was typically creased lengthwise down the crown, it may have had custom indents pinched at both sides of the crown.

The photographers were Carter and Birdsall of Hampton Iowa. I located them..but found no reference to the years they were in business. 

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  1. Louis H. Carter (b. Feb. 1871 in Michigan) and Ralph W. Birdsall (b. Feb 1870 in Illinois? or 1973-4 in Pennsylvania) were both in Hampton, Franklin County, Iowa by 1900. They were both still there in 1930.

    R. W. was a jack of all trades, he is listed as a bicycle saleman, a photographer, a kodak camera saleman and a bank manager.

  2. I believe the image of men with scarves covering their mouths is from an old movie because I can picture it too. The early cars didn't have roofs, so everyone wore scarves and even goggles to protect themselves from dust, bugs and debris flying around in the air. These three look like a hold up gang to me. :-)


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