Thursday, October 6, 2011

Photo Number 676

This is a photo from Linda’s Antique Shop in Park Rapids.

PR Antiques Brother and Sister

I thought this might be a brother and sister ..and it might be or it may be an engagement photo..we will never know as it is unmarked. 

This photo is most likely from around 1935…I say that because of the double breasted suit and the bowtie. 

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  1. Gotta love that guy's hair!!


    Hard to tell - they might be holding hands... if so, I would guess hubby/wife (to be).

    Gosh such a dapper fellow - I wish I could dress like that (it would be a cool Halloween costume)

  2. I'm thinking a couple too. It could have been a brother-sister doing a surprise photo for their parents anniversay. There.... I'll go with that. I agree with Iggy... He's very much a GQ kind of guy.

    I miss the days men wore suits to work. I loved dressing my husband like my very own Ken doll until they went "business casual".

  3. He looks full of mischief!

  4. Looks like a prom dress to me


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