Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Photo Number 674

This is another photo from the Antique Shop in Park Rapids Minnesota.

PR antiques Lady with cool blouse

Julius Tessman of Wadena Minnesota took this photo. He was a photographer in Wadena during 1914.

I thought that the striped blouse was rather striking. This could be a graduation photo, this gal looks young and very beautiful.

You can see the telltale beginnings of mold on this photo, someone stored it in a damp place at one time. I store all my old photos in Rubbermaid containers.  They are protected from excess heat, light and dampness.

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  1. She certainly is beautiful.

  2. I really get a kick out of those turtlenecks! (and I'm glad its not me wearing them!)

    Hmmm... I wonder if there is a way to kill the mold without damaging the photo? Your keeping the photo dry will go a long way in preserving this treasure.

  3. I know you can microwave old documents to preserve them. Place them into the container you want to store them in, then microwave, but I forget how long, maybe 2 minutes. I don't know what effect a microwave would have on a photograph.


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