Saturday, October 8, 2011

Photo Number 678

This is an old photo booth photo.  Most likely from the 1940’s.

Photobooth gal  DL Antiques

These photos were small, they came out of the booth in strips and you had to cut them apart.  This photo measures 1 and almost 1/2 inch by 1 3/4 inch.  The photos were taken in quick succession..most likely she didn’t like the deer stuck in the headlights look of this photo.  The scenery is stunning..mountains and drapes.  It looks like she has something hanging from the buttonhole of her heavy coat.

I purchased this photo at the Antique Shop in Detroit Lakes Minnesota.

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  1. What she is wearing certainly goes with the background. She would have gotten better results had it not been a booth photo. Still, very nice.

  2. Considering the size and source of the photo, your reprint turned out quite nicely. You must have a very forgiving scanner!

  3. I remember having this type of pic made with my sis one time. She was trying to look sophisticated and I was being silly! So funny!

  4. She looks like she might of been a "fun" aunt!


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