Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Photo Number 640

Here is a farmhouse, two story with a double decker porch.  More clothes on the line and a cute red barn..oh and a garden on both sides of the driveway.  Two chimneys..one must have been for the kitchen and the other for one of the main rooms.

Mrs E Nordstrom

Mrs e Nordstrom two

Mrs. E. Nordstrom.

We had some Nordstroms ( Photo Number 610)  the other day, I emailed them and this was the reply from the little boy with the camera.

My uncle Elmer Nordstrom was married to a girl from the Erskine Minnesota area, her maiden name was Selma Loftgren, She had a sister that was married to a man by the name of Peterson. This could be a picture of the home farm, which I have never seen.

So the best we can hope for this photo is that one of the correct Nordstroms will come by some day and claim the photo.

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  1. That's a beautiful home.

    M. Lane

  2. I do hope he can reveal a photo of what image he was taking with that camera.

  3. A question from an amateur researcher.. Does the E. in "Mrs. E. Nordstrom" refer to the husband's name or the woman's name?

    My thinking is that it is the husband's name - at least by convention until perhaps the 1950's? (give or take?)

  4. I would like to live in a house like that.

  5. I agree with Iggy. The E. probably stands for the husband's name. Connie: Did you get this photo at the same shop as the other Nordstrom photo? If so, my thought, then, is both photos were once property of someone related to Elmer Nordstrom. Might be interesting to find a child/grandchild of his. ~Abra

  6. A great view. Very well preserved picture. Beautiful house and surroundings. Thanks for sharing.

  7. What a beautiful home. Can anyone tell this city girl what kind of trees those are and why they are planted in rows?


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