Friday, August 5, 2011

Photo Number 615

These are both photos from the Antique Shop in Detroit Lakes Minnesota.

Farming Turkeys one DL

A woman and her turkeys.

Farming Turkeys two DL antiques

I wonder if anyone feeds barnyard turkeys like this anymore?

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  1. That looks like fun actually... :)

    Not that I would want to stand in turkey umm.. droppings every day to feed them.

  2. Can't say that I have ever seen a photo like this! Love her basket.

  3. If she eventually had these turkeys for eating I wonder if they had freezers at that time to keep them through the winter, or if cleaned and ate them as they need food. I guess they could have sold them to a butcher shop as my father in law's family use to raise geese for a Jewish butcher shop in Des Moines.


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