Friday, August 19, 2011

Photo Number 629

This is a CdV that I got at the Antique Shop in Detroit Lakes Minnesota.
Foreign CdV Beautiful Braid DL
Carl Korner of Stavanger is the photographer.  Stavanger is an area in Norway.

This woman certainly shows off a beautiful braid. Her dress looks like it may have dropped shoulders.
If it were a photo taken in America I would guess it was from the 1860’s however since it is foreign I haven’t a clue.
Foreign Cdv Braid and Old woman share the same photog  Dl Antiques
This is the back of the photo.

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  1. Some information about the photographer:

    Körner, Carl (f.1849 - d.1936)

    German photographer that came to Norway in the 1870s, first to Bergen, then to Stavanger. He was perhaps the most reknown photographer in Stavanger in the period. He was located:
    Kirkegaten 21 1878 - 1887
    Kirkegaten 30 1887 - 1918
    Kongsgaten 29 1893 - 1894

    So the photo must be from after 1878.

  2. I look in the mirror at what I am wearing today and what my hair looks like and then I see this very dapper woman! Lovely photo!
    M. Lane


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