Thursday, August 4, 2011

Photo Number 614

This must have been a traveling photographers work.   Three guys lined up, and one grabs the others cap.  I wonder what happened after the photo was taken?

three men

I can tell it is an early 1900’s photo.  They all appear to be working men, the middle one is a farmer for sure.

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  1. The guy that swiped the cap was either the boss (he doesn't look quite so well-built and strong) or the other two beat the living tar out of him!

    I like this shot! The dirty hands - my dad's hands were always dirty from work - and he always said, "the money they make spends just fine."

  2. This is a great photo of real people who built America.

  3. I have a photo from my dad's album with guys lined up like that.


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