Thursday, August 11, 2011

Photo Number 621

We continue our look at farming. 

Farm horse

This handsome young lad looks very proud to be photographed with this horse.  I am sure it was a working horse.

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  1. Love the photos with horses in them. I very rarely see any in my searching.

  2. There will be horses in heaven. I don't have one in this life and fully expect to have the companionship of a draft horse in the after life.

  3. Love this photo!
    To Laura, if you like photos of horses I also have some photos of horses throughout my blog. ;-)
    To Maybelline, I also believe there will be horses in heaven!

  4. Is it My Friend Flicka or is it Fury?

  5. Another fun photo. I love this little guy's pants rolled up at the hem.

  6. The horse looks docile and strong; the young man does look proud and well-prepared to have his picture taken. Thanks for sharing.


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