Sunday, August 14, 2011

Photo Number 624

This is an interesting photo.  I don’t think they were pitching hay.   Maybe straw.  I have not seen a photo like this one before. 

men with pitchforks

Six men and six pitchforks and someone in the background.

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  1. You find the most unique photos. This is very interesting. I love their caps. Mildred

  2. Oh, did you see the one at Dull Tool, Dim Bulb? Two fellows with pitchforks that had killed a ton of rats in a a barn. Hopefully your fellas were just working the field.

  3. You can't tell if it is cold or hot by what was worn. My dad wore his long underwear even in the summer -- and I suspect they all dressed like this photo to keep all that chafe away from their skin. (Barley is the worst!)


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