Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Photo Number 633

This is a Cabinet Card that I purchased at the Antique Shop in Detroit Lakes Minnesota.

Gal with hair clip DL Antiques

I will guess that this photo was taken about 1895.  Her dress seems to have wings on the shoulders, which was very stylish about that time.  She has a very ornate celluloid hair clip.

J.H. Hamlin was in Casselton Dakota/North Dakota during the 1880’s and 1890’s. Dakota was split into North and South in 1889.

The trim on her dress is lovely, I am seeing it as dark brown trim on a green dress.  She must have beautiful red hair..what do you imagine?

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  1. I wonder where that "comb in the hair" look came from... were they mimicking indian's head dresses?

  2. Don't you know that hair clip would bring a fortune today?

    She does appear to be fair with red hair. I would love the dress to be brown with black trim. No matter the color, it is lovely!

    Enjoy your day. Thanks for sharing your photos with us, Connie.
    M. Lane

  3. I have found many photos like this at yard sales over the years. Once I talked a person about putting the photo albums back in their closet for future generations.

  4. Lovely vintage photos! You have a wide and great collection of these kind of cards. They're all fabulous!

  5. Could the ornament be similar to Spanish combs? They usualy had a veil though.


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