Saturday, August 6, 2011

Photo Number 616

This is a photo from 1967.  It must have been from the summer of 1967.

Combine in a field 1967  DL Antiques

It is a combine, they are harvesting some kind of small grain.

I would be the kid in the truck looking at this scene waiting for my Mother to stop and motion me to come and load the truck.  At the end of the day, I would be hot and tired and itchy all over. I learned to drive a grain truck in the field when I was about ten years old.

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  1. Itchy is right! My job was to clean the grain bin before harvest. I learned quickly about mice running up pant legs.

  2. That's a great farm photo, Connie.

  3. All I can think of is doing that in this heat. That looks like hard work to me.

  4. Hot, dusty, and itchy.

    But hey.. you got to drive when you were 10? :)

  5. My dad learned to drive the tractor at 8. These days CPS would be called in mores the pity!

  6. Yes I was ten, my brothers were 7 and 1 and I took care of them in the grain truck..and drove it close to where my Mom would need it to unload:)


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