Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Photo Number Seventy-three

Today I would like to introduce you to Mary West.. this is a photo from Jinglebob's Grandmother in South Dakota.  It may technically be a cabinet card..it is the correct size, but there is no photographer info. I realize that not all the early cabinet cards had Photographer info..however I really hesitate to date this as before 1871. I believe that to be highly unlikely.

I get a western feel from this photograph.. anyone else care to share their first thoughts?   Maybe it is just the pigtails and ribbons.  A date??  I will let you all guess on this one.

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  1. I am amazed as to how well focused the is. She is very good looking and the entire shot is a classic piece of history. The clothing does give hints of locality but I wouldn't know where. A book of historic portrait photography would include this one.

  2. She is very pretty and I see another one of those collars that would put me in an ill mood! I love studying the clothes in these old pictures.

  3. I wonder is she was short in stature or if the photographer did not get her centered in the photo very well. There is so much empty space at the top. She is pretty and not very old either. I don't have a guess about her clothing.

  4. I think the hairbows seem to be the 1905-1915 era, but I am only guessing because of similar pics I've seen; no idea about the clothes.

  5. look at her scarf -- or whatever it was around the neck

  6. This very much looks like a photo that we have of my grandmother, my mother's mother. She was born just prior to the turn of the last century and would have been about the same age, perhaps a little younger as the girl in this photo in our photo but had the same hair ties and hair style as this girl.


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