Friday, January 8, 2010

Photo Number Seventy-Six

This is Louise Neitzke..she is more than likely a cousin to Dorthy Porbs from yesterdays photo number Seventy- five. (Louise's sister Francis went to Chicago with Dorothy to work as a stenographer.)  Apparently Louise being the oldest daughter stayed in Sterling and worked there.  Louises parents were William and Fritzie Neitzke.

I featured Louise in a previous photo  ( number twenty-seven)..  Remember her..the gal in the coat and hat.  Norkio found out that she was born in 1882...and worked as a maid.  I dated this photo as 1897.

Todays photo might be a little bit is a cabinet card and might be from around the year 1902..she would have been twenty years old then. It is very interesting to me to find out how all these family puzzle pieces are coming together.
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  1. The family history is very interesting. This might be the killer collar of all times with the addition of lace around that tight band!

  2. Louise appears to look younger in the photo 76--perhaps it is the bows in her hair; she definitely seems more sophisticated in photo 27. After all the searching, I almost feel like I know this family...:-)

  3. I suppose the oldest daughter was required to stay to take care of family. I have one of those stories in my back family history where the parents kept the boyfriends letters from her so she would never leave. They succeeded in keeping her unmarried and home to take care of them. I like the photo of the woman all dressed in her hat and coat.


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