Saturday, January 30, 2010

Photo Number Ninety-Seven

This is a real photo postcard, an Azo with four triangles pointing up so it is from 1904 to 1918. It is among the group of photos from South Dakota.   Far Guy and I had a good time looking at this photo.  They must have a cistern, water is being diverted from the down spouts, and they have a storm cellar or a root cellar.I am thinking that the little girl is an only child, or maybe a late in life tag along.  She seems to have lots of pretend playmates and I love the old doll buggy.
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  1. What an interesting picture. I love old baby dolls/bears etc. What "big" playmates she had! Always fun to see what's next - I just love your photos.

  2. We had a basement door like that to our very old house at home. The basement was flagstoned about halfway up and the rest was dirt. Dirt floor too. She has a lot of friends to keep her company. I wonder if that wasn't a real child buggy and not a doll buggy. Neat, very old photo.

  3. Lots of details to examine in this one. She was a very lucky little girl to have so many playthings. In that era most children only had one doll - maybe two at most. I noticed her heavy stockings too. It looks like a summer photo so I bet those were hot to wear.

  4. Adorable! Just look at her braids, too!

  5. She is too cute. But I am freaked by that clown thing on the right.......

    What a great pram.


  6. William Muerer (photo 96) had two younger sisters - Eva (b. abt 1898) and Anna (b. abt 1900). If these were of the same set/family this little girl might be either.

    I hope to track down a living offspring of William (and/or Joseph & Josephine Muerer whom I believe was William's Uncle and Aunt (photo 95)) soon.


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