Saturday, January 23, 2010

Photo Number Ninety

This is another tin type that Norkio kindly shared with me. She also shared with me that  this is a boy..because his hair is parted on the side.  Girls hair was parted down the middle.  I love learning small bits and pieces of information that make these photos make sense.   This is another boy in a dress..and it does make sense..that it was easier to change their diapers if they had on a dress..this was all clearly before the whole boy/girl thing that we are so accustomed to.
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  1. What a sweet photo and such pretty hair he has. Look at all those buttons!

  2. He doesn't look very happy!
    Never knew about the parting hair thing....I don't know if that would hold true for everybody's picture though because cowlicks were tried to be hidden by different parts of the hair, too.

  3. He even has button up high top shoes. I bet it took forever to get him dressed. No wonder he looks tired and sad.

  4. thats great info to know. I have quite a few photos like this. That little tidbit might help me figure out something.


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