Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Photo Number Eighty-One

This elderly couple look foreign to me..the photo folder has rifles on it. The photographer was ? G. Crawford, I did a quick search and found nothing that seemed to fit.  I love the kindly looking Grandpa's  hair.. I will guess that this is a 1930's photo.  This is still in the group of photos from South Dakota.
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Update** This is possibly Patrick and Mary Walls?? Will we ever know for sure? 
 Info from Abra:  
A little further research finds Mary Walls, widowed, age 50, in 1900, living in Tampico, Whiteside , Illinois. Her daughters, Agness (sic), 21, and May (sic), 19, are living with her, as well as a niece, Anna Murphy, age 16. The census shows that she is the mother to 4 children, of which 2 are living. Again, the ages are off compared to 1910 census, but Agnes’ age in 1900, matches up with what I found in 1920 & 1930. More searching reveals finds Mary Walls(28), married to Patrick Walls(34), living in Hahnaman. They have two children at this point, Ambrose age 4 and Agness, age 2, as well as a servant, Daniel Callehan (there are close neighbors with the Callehan surname, as well). Patrick is listed as a farmer. I find Patrick, age 23, living in Browning, Schuyler County, Illinois, occupation of R.R. hand (there were a lot of RR hands living in this particular neighborhood). The only thing I can’t explain with all of this is what the ‘uniforms & pins’ are for on the clothing in Mr. & Mrs. Walls previous photo.


  1. Looks like they both have several pins on their lapels.

  2. This looks like a no nonsense couple to me. LOL

  3. This is one of the most interesting photos yet. Her outfit almost looks like a service uniform with a lace collar added. I hope someone with period clothing knowledge can explain this. One of her pins looks like a Red Cross pin, another a flag; the rest I couldn't make out. He seems to have less pins and I couldn't determine what they were, even zoomed to 400%. With the folder with guns & an eagle on top, I am thinking that perhaps they are both veterans--my uneducated guess is that perhaps she was a nurse in the war? So many possibilities, I suppose.

  4. I noticed the medals too and agree with Abra. There is a pin on the man's lapel that looks like a medical corps pin - the snake around the staff - which is the lowest of his pins on his lapel. That in conjunction with her "cross" pin, which looks to be a Red Cross pin, also suggests they were in a medical corps of some kind. There are so many though, and without a date or knowing what war they participated in, it's nearly impossible to figure out easily. Military insignia tends to change every campaign or action. I also wonder if there is a reason the right shoulder of her lace collar has something on it but the left shoulder doesn't. Perhaps it's something she worked herself?

    The photog name is G Crawford, the G in script is hard to read.

  5. I'm trying to remember what those collars are called -- the lady is wearing

    My great grandmother's photos ... she is wearing one in every picture I've seen.


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