Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Photo Number Eighty-Six

Today we are going to take a break from The South Dakota Photos.  We are going to go way back in time..to a tin type.  Norkio very kindly emailed me scans of old tin types, they are small 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches. I have not touched these up in anyway..they are all au natural!

Norkio wrote" The girls in particular are from the second bustle period (also called late bustle period), I believe, which is from 1883-1889.  I can tell this by the way they are sitting and also by the draping of their skirts and the trimming on their dresses.  If in fact one girl is in both pictures ( check back tomorrow! ) , she comes from some wealth because we all know that photography was quite expensive."

Well.. I absolutely love this image..first of all the heavy gowns..I wonder how heavy they were..how confining were they..especially with a bustle..were they hard to sit down in?  This is the first photograph that I have went ..oh my..the gal on the left is the spitting image of one of my nieces..no doubt it is the shape of her face and the hair..isn't their hair lovely.

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  1. What a stunning photograph - love the clothes, hair, the beautiful young faces.

  2. They really are decked out. It is interesting what a scan of a tin type looks like.

  3. Beautiful girls. They look like sisters. The addition of the cheek color adds a nice effect. Is that something that was added to all tin types? I don't recall ever seeing that on an old photo before.

  4. Rae, Not all tin types had added tinting..but many did..it was very much in fashion at the time. I think they look like sisters too..tomorrows photo I believe is the same two girls:)


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