Sunday, January 31, 2010

Photo Number Ninety-Eight

This is a real photo postcard, it was sent to Red Owl, South Dakota to Jingle Bobs Grandmother.  It was mailed on Oct 25, 1911 from Sterling, ILL  and it has a one cent stamp.  On the back is this writing..
This is a picture that the Supervisors had taken at the bounty ( or county) farm.  Joe is in the third auto and has his hat on.  Wonder why we don't hear from Lizzie.  I have been looking for a letter for a long time. We are all well.  Lu ( or Lee) expects to go to town today. Poose is husking corn.  Margaret

My Dad looked at this photo..he loves old cars..he said that the first and third cars are Overlands and the second car is a Model T.  He enjoyed looking at this photo.  

I have a Lizzie in a previous South Dakota/Illinois  photo..number Eighty-Three ..could this possibly be the Lizzie that Margaret is talking about?  I am sure that all the South Dakota photos are related somehow, either because they are kin..or friends. 
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  1. What a neat old photo. My daddy would have loved seeing these cars. The two of us enjoyed going to antique car shows together. Hope your eye is continuing to improve.

  2. I like all the cars and how they lined them all up for show. I really like seeing the historic red buildings with neat white trim. It is a classic museum piece.

  3. What a great photo. Those guys certainly were proud of their cars. It truly is a 'snapshot in time' capturing real life.

  4. that is a fantastic photo.
    I have a messed up old photo that I would like to post. However, I can't figure out hot to photoshop the big rip so that its presentable.

  5. Wonderful photos of the old cars...and look how new and freshly painted the barn buildings are behind them!

  6. Very cool! Can you imagine driving any distance in those cars with roads that are a far cry from anything we know now? I agree that these photos are all somehow connected, with the most common connection being Jingle Bob's Grandma, as she is the person that ended up with them. I am still not back on track, so I haven't been doing much searching, but I couldn't resist a few hunches. I was thinking the Joe might be the gentleman in picture 78--the Margaret could have been his sister (she was 2-3 years older), though I haven't figured out where she is around 1910-1920 (possibly married). I did find a Lu Loose in the Sterling census of 1910--not sure how they might all tie together. Those are my beginning hunches of connection, but I must run, so hopefully I can revisit this sometime.


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