Monday, January 25, 2010

Photo Number Ninety-Two

This is a CdV  from Norkios collection.  She wrote: "This is one of the most striking images I have, in my opinion.  The photo is quite faded and I didn't know until my husband fixed the color a bit that she was wearing a gorgeous brooch with a cross on it, large earrings and that her dress could possibly be a Garibaldi jacket and blouse, though it's difficult to tell.  The original just barely shows her face.  This will include the front and the back.  The image is pasted onto the card.  You can see a line on the lower portion of the card where the picture stops.  This is quite an elaborate hair style.  I've never seen anything like it and I venture to guess it's 1860s or 70s.  I say this because the hair is parted in the middle and the braids in the back emphasize roundness in the face, a common look for Civil War era photographs.  This must be for a very special occasion or she is quite wealthy considering the hairstyle and the jewelry."

I found another of  Morse's CdV's online..its date is verified at 1861 to 1865. It  is identical to the back of this one. So this is probably the oldest photo that this blog will ever feature. Many Thanks to Norkio for sharing her photographs with us!!  I absolutely love this lady's hair, her braids are beautiful.
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  1. What a wonderful, old photo. A real treat to see - thanks to you and Norkio.

  2. I am amazed what a computer program can do to find the details that we just can't see. It picks up the minute pixel details and enhances it to way it should be.


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