Thursday, December 3, 2015

Photos Number 2087

I visit a number of antique shops, one thing they all have in common is that they don’t have ALL their photos out at the same time.  Sometimes there is nothing new, but sometimes you find some photos that might be connected to an earlier Full Circle.
Lees with a baby Mhd ant
Blanche and Geo Lee with a baby.
Lees with a baby Mhd ant back
And a name at the bottom which I recognized.  Max Hird  Full Circle 79
lees photo for newspaper Mhd ant
Photo for Newspaper MHd ant back
Geo and Blanche lee Mhd ant
Geo and Blanche lee Mhd ant back
Geo Lee = Blanche Lee
Not sure how the Lee’s fit in with Max Hird.  BUT I recalled that Max Hird was raised by Lester and Mary Treganza
Mary T Mhd ant

Mary T Mhd ant back
Mabel Stefsburg
Mary Treganza
Mary Treganza Mhd ant
Mary Treganza Mhd ant back
Mary Treganza
Treganza photo Mhd ant
Dad’s 95 Birthday  Sept 14 1947   Died April 19 1948
Treganza photo Mhd ant back
Mr. Thos. Treganza
I emailed Erin that I had some photos that may have some connection to her Grandfather Max Hird.  Yes she wanted the photos and I mailed them off on Monday morning.  I will write a Full Circle post for these photos after Erin receives them and has a chance to reply.

I believe these photos were sold at an auction and wound up in the antique shop.  Originally I contacted another relative and she wanted nothing to do with the photos, perhaps she was cleaning out “old stuff”  I don’t know.  What I do know is that any old photo of a relative might be important to other relatives even if you don’t give a hoot.  Whatever you don’t want…pass them on.
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Update from Iggy:
George W Lee (7 Sep 1883 in Iowa - Nov 1966). Lived in Glenmore, La Moure, North Dakota with his wife Blanch R Lee ( July 25 1887 - Feb 1 1978)
Sometime between 1930 and 1940, they moved to Mallory, Clayton, Iowa.

These photo went Full Circle 142 on March 16, 2016


  1. Since none of my mom's family is living, it would mean so much to me if I could get photos. I would not recognize people in the pictures but would recognize names I believe. Sad that for one reason or another, no one wants old photos.

  2. George W Lee (7 Sep 1883 in Iowa - Nov 1966). Lived in Glenmore, La Moure, North Dakota with his wife Blanch R Lee (Find A Grave Memorial# 31447204)

    Sometime betwen 1930 and 1940, they moved to Mallory, Clayton, Iowa.

    Going by Blanche's Find A Grave memorial - if they were related to Max Hird, it appears to be through George's side of the family.

  3. So happy someone did want them.

  4. Thrilled to hear these photos have found a new home and will be treasured for another generation.

    In this digital age, I fear future generations will care less and less about old photos.

  5. my hopes up! I saw George Lee and realized there is a George Lee in my husband's extended family. But looks like Lee is way too common a surname for that kind of luck!

  6. Glad you found a home for those photographs!

    Tired Teacher is right! How much of a family's photographs are completely lost when a cell phone is smashed?
    There's going to be nothing caught in the safety net of the junk store or the auction.


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