Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Photo Number 2098

This is a photo from Craig's Collection.

Stafford was the photographer in Minneapolis, Minnesota, he was there from 1893 to 1899. 
The photo is marked with a name on the back in pencil.  Minnie Peterson. 

In Minnesota Peterson is a very common name.
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  1. Yes, this one will prove to be a challenge. I would guess she was born c. 1850 +/- 10 years, lived in Minneapolis or nearby in 1895-ish, and since it is one of Graig's card, she likely ended up on the west coast.

    1. I think she is quite young probably 20 so born about 1879 or so.

  2. Well, if we stick to Iggy's hunch that, being a card from Craig, it likely meant someone who moved to the west coast (often California, I've noticed), and stick to Far Side's estimated birth year of 1879, there are a few possibilities that come up on Find A Grave. There are 16 Minnie Petersons buried in California showing on Find A Grave, ten of which were born within a ten year spread of that 1879 estimate.

    Sometimes, Find A Grave volunteers add the place where the person was born, but no such luck for most of these. Some, however, were listed as born in California, so they get knocked out of the running. One, interestingly, was born in Denmark. No one showed born in Minnesota, so that doesn't help.

    I'm wondering if the name marked on the back of the card was a married name--the name people would remember her by.

    At any rate, if we go by that hunch that Minnie headed west--and perhaps to California--there are a reasonably manageable number of possibilities to test out, based on the Find A Grave entries. Of course, there are a lot of burials that never find their way to Find A Grave, but perhaps this is a start...


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