Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Full Circle 134

This Full Circle began with a search for a name, and then a comment left on the blog.  After three days all of the comments have to be approved, so that I am aware of older comments left for me.

Laura wrote:

I've been doing some digging on my family history and came across this post. I'm almost positive that is my great grandpa Ole William Degerman! He did go by Bill or William (and abbreviated W.M). I don't have a good photo of what he looked like, but I do have one of my great grandma Arlie (William's wife) and that looks just like her! She has my grandpa's eyes. They did live in Bemidji. So fun that you found a photo of my family!

I asked her to email me with her address.

Thank you so much for finding that photo of my great grandparents! You have such a wonderful website and I cannot tell you how much it means to me to have a piece of my family history. Thank you very, very much!
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

I asked her to share something:

Thank you again! Here is my post for Full Circle:

I thought I came from a small family until just recently. By some miracle, last month I received an email at work from someone with the last name Degerman, my mom's maiden name. On a whim, I asked if her family was from Bemidji. They were! We found out that we share the same great grandpa, Ole William Degerman. Also, she works only two blocks away from me so we've been able to meet over coffee to piece together the different parts of the family tree that we each know. While I was searching, I came across a photo on Forgotten Old Photos with the name W.M Degerman. In my research I did find that my great grandpa went by William (abbreviated W.M.) and I had a photo of my great grandma, Arlie, so I was able to confirm that the photo Connie found was indeed my great grandparents! I cannot tell you how wonderful it feels to have a piece of my family history. Thank you so much, Connie, for tracking down all of these wonderful old photos and working to find their families! What a perfect gift in time for the holidays!


Laura received the photo in the mail yesterday!

WM Digerman PostcardAzo triangles up Solway Number 1685

Photo Number 1685

Thanks for stopping by! Keep searching for your old family photos!


  1. That's just crazy that Laura and her second cousin worked only blocks from each other! How wonderful that they are getting together and sharing family history notes. So glad she thought to look online for her great grandparents' names, too. I wonder how many people find these photos that way. That's the benefit of Google plus being able to park these details online indefinitely.


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