Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Full Circle 136

This Full Circle began with a comment and email address left on the blog.

This is Halvor Bjugson, my grandfather Ben's cousin. I have seen Halvor's picture several times in old photos my grandmother and mother had Halvor was killed in Europe after WWI and is buried in Trail MN. My uncle Halvor Bjugson was named after him. We would like the postcard if at all possible,


I removed the comment that contained  Mike’s email address.

Ben DL  ant Number 2060 

Photo Number 2060  Halvor Bjugson

I got a very nice thank you card from Mike so the photo has found it’s way home.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Did Mike have any idea why Ben was written on the back? Any idea who the other man is?

    1. Ben and Halvor were cousins. Perhaps the card was meant for Ben and noted as such on back. No idea who the other man is.

  2. Lars did some magic figuring out who mystery man "Ben" was! He got this photo home!

  3. The war ended on Nov. 11 and he died on the 25th. Very sad. Find A Grave Memorial# 58025215

  4. Birth: Jan. 18, 1893
    Death: Nov. 24, 1918

  5. Wait! Which one of the two men was Halvor? Does Mike know? And what about the other man? Does Mike recognize him from other family pictures?

    Wow, that was a quick turn around for a Full Circle. And another one so soon! It's Full Circle Christmas at Forgotten Old Photos!

    1. Yes Mike knew who Halvor was, but not the other man. He didn't say which one was Halvor.


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